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Chesterfield Farm Excursion!

On Friday the 7th of December, Prep F took a trip to the farm! What a memorable day we all had together. We all milked Dolly the cow and watched a milk show. The day continued with a tractor ride… Continue Reading →


It has been incredible doing Robotics with Mr Kelly for the past five weeks! We have learnt so many interesting things! We have been using an app called Scratch which helps us learn how to code. We also have been… Continue Reading →

Addition and Subtraction Fun!

We have been working very hard on our addition and subtraction skills! It has been fun learning to add and subtraction using many different tools to help us. We have been using MAB block, counters, teddies, blocks, drawings and many… Continue Reading →

Footy Day!

Today we had footy day! It was the last day of term so we were extra excited and full of enthusiasm. We were all dressed in our football team colours and had turns at singing different theme songs. Our footy… Continue Reading →

Book Week Dress Up Day!

Wow what a week! We are in the middle of our Books and Nooks Literature Festival and it has been a blast! We had a special workshop with Mr Carthew where he told us all about the books that he… Continue Reading →

100 Days of Prep Celebration!

100 Days of Prep! 100 days of prep! What an amazing 100 days it has been. We have had so many firsts.. our first day of school, the first time reading our reader books, the first time going to sick… Continue Reading →


     Every Tuesday and Thursday morning we participate in PMP. We love starting our mornings by being active as it gives us energy for our busy day ahead. PMP helps our motor skills develop and strengthens our eye-hand and… Continue Reading →

Community Helper Dress Up Day!

  Our ‘l’m okay’ inquiry unit has lead us to countless enjoyable days at school. We have completed many activities which has helped us learn about the people in our community that keep us safe. We have explored what each… Continue Reading →

CFA Visit!

Prep is filled with memories that will last a lifetime. We get to experience new and exciting adventures all the time in Prep land! Let us tell you all about our most recent one! We had a very special visit… Continue Reading →

Our First Excursion and more!

    We have had such an exciting term and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! We said our farewells to Mrs Forte as she left to have her baby. We will miss her and we hope… Continue Reading →

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